***** Latest Update: 5 - 10 - 2005 *****
New Art for Chazpup......and ME!!
And hearty *Fuck You* to you-know-who! And I don't mean Voldemort!

Greetings.....and welcome to Winter Eyes, the silent corner of the Cyber-Forest where I make my den. It is in this space I shall offer my own unique views on art, the world, and anything else my imagination takes a fancy to.

Here amidst the trees in which the Web is supported upon, I have marked pathways to my Art, a place where you may read of those of us that do not share our Lifepaths with humans, a secluded alcove where you might learn more about me if you so desire, and perhaps a few other trails....

I do hope you enjoy your stay here...


And a special treat for all you Hyperfans, a heretofore hidden page with my most extreme and opulantly endowed furries EVER. Don't slip on the spooge!