. . . to all those that helped in the creation of this website in some way or another, and if I've forgotten you, please let me know, as credit should be given where due.

  • First and foremost, I must thank the gracious host for this website, Techwolf. His patience, copious webspace, and generosity have been invaluable, and greatly appreciated.

  • Nextly, my good friend, fellow canid soul, incurable gamer, endless source of inspiration, HTML Tutor, and general all around cool person, Kurst. His frank honesty in this sites creation and implementation, good or bad, has helped make this site what it is, and is why it doesnt look like shit. Many hours he spent teaching me HTML, helping me tweak and nudge, and just being a sounding board. There is a steak dinner with his name on it when I finally get out that way.

  • There are many people on this planet. Of these, I can count on one hand the ones I truly admire and respect, and deign to call Friend. One of these is a gentledog I know as Huskiwolf. Another inspirator, tutor, and fellow admirer of Gaia's greatest creation, the Siberian Husky. From out of the blue we met one day, and he began to teach me the true meaning of the word "friend". I look forward to getting drunk with him one day, and stealing his malamute plushy.

  • To those that have inspired, taught, or shared artistic brainwaves with me: Stellos(R.I.P), Doug Winger, Lunarwolf, ChaosCat, NuDog, The Legendary Huskie(Peerless purple husky art Goddess), Thunderpaws, Klaus, Windpaws, and many many more.

  • Lastly, all of you, my fans. The folks that have offered encouragement, advice, criticism, or simply to say hi, I thank you all. You make all my efforts seem worthwhile.

  • ---- Lupustooth
    August, 2004